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6 Pinterest features you’ve never heard about

Pinterest’s popularity has grown drastically over the last 6 years. Inseparable from the most popular social media platforms, its use for businesses is proven to be very successful. Constantly adapting to consumers and businesses needs, Pinterest’s functionality could help your business reach its full online potential.

In this article, I go over 6 Pinterest features you’ve never heard about before. These features can dramatically boost your online presence and social media strategy.


1. Pin videos

Along with blog posts, white-books, infographics, guides, and product reviews, videos are a great form of content. Beside Youtube and Vimeo, not many platforms host videos. In turns out that with Pinterest, too, you can now upload your favorite videos.


2. Tag people in comments

Engage better with your audience by tagging your followers in the comments section. Commonly used on Twitter and Facebook, this option can be useful on Pinterest when it comes to answering a question or engaging with someone in particular, as long as you are following the person.


3. Use Pinterest source tool

Have you always wanted to know who is pinning from your website or your competitors’? It is now possible to keep track of who’s engaging with your brand directly from your website with the Pinterest source tool. Simply type in in your address bar. Results should appear as shown on the picture below.



4. Create Rich pins

Basically, Rich Pins are pins with a static description only you can edit. This extra information cannot be modified by other users, which is great to keep your content optimized and rank higher in search results.

There are 6 different categories of Rich Pins:

  • Product Pins include real time pricing, availability and where to buy. You can as well notify your followers when you drop your prices more than 10%.
  • Article Pins display the article’s title, author, and a brief description of its content. What better way to promote your blog articles on Pinterest than this? It’s a chance for your business to be part of your followers’ reading list and increase your reading rate.
  • Recipe Pins showcase ingredients, cooking time, and serving details; pinners can sort them by vegan, gluten free, and other criteria. It makes you more easily searchable.

chocolate chip cookie recipe rich pin on pinterest

  • App Pins are an easy way to promote your mobile app by creating a pin that directs your followers to the apple store in an instant!
  • Place Pins include a map, address, and phone number. It can be used to help your customers locate your stores or promote your blog articles when writing about your favorite restaurants or getaway destinations.
  • Movie Pins can be used by the entertainment/film industry to display ratings, reviews, and cast members.


5. Use group boards

Group boards – or shared boards, contributor boards, community boards, collaborative boards – are a great way to get more exposure for your brand. Not only can you pin in this board, but so does any other pinner.

What are the benefits of these boards for your business?

  • Increase your number of followers
  • Boost your number of repins
  • Let pinners create the content
  • Increase engagement and create brand ambassadors


Group board Jeffes de Bruges Canada on Pinterest

See in the example above, Jeffes de Bruges Canada’s group board “BAKING Made Healthy and Easy,” already have 14,013 followers!


6. Send direct messages

Just like in Twitter or Facebook, you can send direct messages to your Pinterest followers. Without getting too promotional, you can send them customized messages about your upcoming sales, or just welcome and thank them for following you.



So, have you ever heard about all these 6 incredibly useful features? It’s an easy way to boost your social presence and create more engagement from your followers. Whatever your industry is, you can integrate Pinterest into your online strategy and make the best out of it.

Do you know any other Pinterest features that can be useful to businesses?


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