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30 blog ideas for interior designers

Writing a blog is a very important part of your online strategy. It helps you rank higher on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo…), attract visitors to your website, and demonstrate your expertise.

But finding new ideas on a regular basis is not easy. Let me give you 30 ideas for articles that will boost your interior design blog’s performance!

Demonstrate your expertise

  1. 5 Reasons why you should hire a professional interior designer
  2. 10 things you must know before buying a sofa
  3. 8 easy ways to make your studio look bigger
  4. How to choose the right colors for your bathroom
  5. How to make your kitchen safe for your kids
  6. How to choose your interior designer
  7. Why having your personal office space at home is so important
  8. Why you should think about changing your lighting
  9. Staircase: the ultimate storage place
  10. Wood or concrete: which one to choose for your living room floor

Talk about your industry and its trends

  1. Hot interior design trends for 2015
  2. The best interior design events to attend this fall
  3. 10 must-haves from the new Ikea summer collection
  4. 12 trendy colors for your kitchen
  5. The best bathroom makeovers of January on Pinterest
  6. Interior Design Trends 2015: What’s Hot This Year?
  7. Top 10 2015 kitchen trends
  8. 5 retro bedroom trends in 2015
  9. Rugs: the 2015 spring trend
  10. 10 affordable and beautiful sofas you can find in stores this winter

Help you audience with  tutorials and DIYs

  1. 4 steps to create the walk-in closet of your dreams
  2. 10 tips to make your home feel cleaner
  3. 25 quick DIYs to decorate your walls
  4. 5 wallpaper tips to welcome baby in its new bedroom
  5. How to modernize your kitchen cabinets in 3 easy steps
  6. How to tile your shower wall
  7. How to decorate your bathroom for $100
  8. Video: 8 ways to knot your curtains
  9. The complete A-Z guide to brick walls
  10. Tutorial: give a fresh look to your furniture with high-gloss paint

Hopefully this list will give you ideas for your next blog post!

For more inspiration, you can listen to your current customers’ questions, check online forums and read what’s being said on Pinterest or Houzz.


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